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Love your body. Liberate your voice. Live in integrity. 

Are you ready to join a

tightly-knit community of

self-sovereign womxn dedicated to remembering

the truth of who they are,

and together, creating

a more compassionate and embodied future?

We are too.


Weekly Classes:

Dynamic Vinyasa + Kirtan

In-Person (Portland, Oregon)

& Livestreamed on Zoom


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The Season of You

A Journey Home To The Self


/ Shift

Yoga Teacher Mentorship


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The Art of Saṅkīrtana-Yajña

Foundational Studies in Sacred Sound


Group Programs:

Yogic Self-Care® is focused on empowering womxn and allies to transform their lives through holistic lifestyle education.

Catiebelle is a Voice Liberation Mentor and seasoned yoga teacher who’s mission in life is to help womxn rediscover their brave and authentic voice so they can stand more confidently in their truth. The goal of her teaching is to help facilitate community spaces where others can feel good in their bodies, feel safe to be seen and heard for who they truly are, and feel inspired to re-write the(ir) norm and create deep inner paradigm shifts. She is dedicated to rocking the boat of broken systems that keep us asleep, and to platforming voices that are chronically and  systemically overlooked.


About Our Founder:

Catiebelle Bulmer is a traveling yoga teacher, writer, visual artist, and womxn’s empowerment coach. She is a passionate bhakti yogi and kirtan leader who makes yearly pilgrimages to India, and has 900 hours of certified training in yoga methodology. An eternally eager student of multiple disciplines, Catiebelle blends the practices of traditional yoga, Vedic philosophy, Ayurvedic science, and Hindu mysticism, with self-care, mindfulness, trauma-awareness, intergenerational-patterning, and social activism. As a queer Chinese American Womxn and grandchild of immigrants, Catiebelle is committed to creating a platform for more diverse voices in the yoga, wellness, and self-help industry. She speaks around the world advocating for body acceptance, female empowerment, and the importance of re-weaving connection to the Divine into our every day lives. Catiebelle’s raw and authentic teaching style has been shaped by her experiences of getting sober of alcohol, recovering from disordered eating and bulimia, being a vegetarian of 20+ years, liberating herself from codependent relationships, and stepping away from a successful career in corporate-America that championed chronic overwork and stress.