Voice Liberation Coaching 


Are you seeking clarity and direction? Feeling stuck in your job, your relationship, your health and wellness? If you are desiring more personalized guidance, this coaching offers 1:ON:1 sessions with Catiebelle to help you step into radical alignment in every aspect of your life. Together we will explore what is blocking your from full expression, develop unshakable faith in the truth of who you are, and rediscover your brave & authentic voice.

In 1:ON:1 Voice Liberation Mentorship, we blend intuitive movement, breath work, mantra, and deep self-reflection to unblock not only the subtle energies of the body (through our chakras, our koshas, our vayus, etc.), but to uncover the core beliefs that are stopping you from being able to articulate your truth and fully express yourself. Once we have identified these root causes and their resulting patterns, we are able to take more aligned action and move forward with integrity and ease. 


The Goals of Voice Liberation Mentorship:

✅ Clarity in communication

✅ Confidence to set boundaries around our energy and time

✅ Authentic self expression 

✅ Full alignment with our truth 


Each session is held on Zoom, 60 minutes long, with video replay and a follow up session-summary email.

All new clients receive a Complimentary 30 minute Voice Discovery Call!