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/Shift 2021 Expansion Journal

A 3-month planner from our /Shift program, to help you live more aligned with your highest purpose.

Download the printable pdf here.

Rewiring Your Wellness

A 75 minute interactive lecture on cultivating more flow in your life by infusing it with passion and spirit.

Badass Mastermind

A group dedicated to upgrading their habits and discussing concepts shared in Jen Sincero’s books. Weekly Zoom meetups and Facebook discussion group.

Zoom Meetings:

- Wednesday, December 30, 7-8pm eastern - Introductions

- Sunday, January 3, 7-8pm eastern - Jen Sincero’s “Badass Habits” - Introduction & Chapter 1

- Tuesday, January 12, 7-8pm eastern - Jen Sincero’s “Badass Habits” - Chapter 1 Continued

- Thursday, January 21, 7-8pm eastern - Jen Sincero’s “Badass Habits” - Chapter 2

- Tuesday, January 26, 7-8pm eastern - Jen Sincero’s “Badass Habits” - Chapter 2 Continued

- Wednesday, February 3, 7-8pm eastern - Jen Sincero’s “Badass Habits” - Chapter 3

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 918 395 9698

Passcode: iamMAGIC

Fireside Chats on IG LIVE

30 minute conversations between the teachers of gatHER on topics around mind-body-soul wellness.

All chats held through @gather_retreat on Instagram.

01/07   ∆  12pm Eastern

“We Can't Choose The Color of Our Life Boat: A Talk on Surrender” 

with Jiva G & Catiebelle


01/08   ∆  1pm Eastern

“The Ego: A Voice Dialogue Perspective” 

with Meghan Fisher & Catiebelle


01/10  ∆  2pm Eastern

“Yoga Nidra: The Practice You Didn't Know You Needed” 

with Allie Galiardo & Catiebelle


01/11  ∆  2pm Eastern

“Tuning-In, To Turn On” 

with Jen Gens & Catiebelle


01/12   ∆  4pm Eastern

“Daily Embodiment for Greater Alignment” 

with Regina Felice Garcia & Catiebelle


01/14  ∆  3pm Eastern

“All Action Begins in Rest” 

with Rebecca Sunshine & Catiebelle


01/15  ∆  2pm Eastern

“Power in Paradox: The Nature of Consciousness & Transcending Attachments” 

with Lisa Hedley & Catiebelle


01/18  ∆  9am Eastern

“Morning Rituals & Resources to Rise” 

with Ira Ruiz & Catiebelle

01/19  ∆  3:30pm Eastern

“Living the Bhagavad Gita” 

with Lesley+Rose of Boho Yoga & Catiebelle


01/20  ∆  3pm Eastern

“The Importance of Grounding Cord Meditations” 

with Rachel Walsh & Catiebelle


01/21  ∆  1pm Eastern

“The Power of Breath Practice” 

with Alexandra Moga & Catiebelle


01/24  ∆  12pm Eastern

“Potency in Ritual & Intention” 

with Carissa Souza & Catiebelle


01/25  ∆  6pm Eastern

“Ayurvedic Lifestyle” 

with Rebecca Smith & Catiebelle

Sliding Scale/Pay What You Can on Venmo @CatiebelleBulmer are always appreciated (but unnecessary for the above offerings)!

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