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Join Catiebelle for a deep dive into the heart of Bhakti yoga, through Saṅkīrtana-Yajña. Mantras can be powerful vehicles of awakening, and when practiced as a community they become even more potent. Call-and-response communal chanting is described by ancient Vedic literature as the highest and easiest form of meditation to practice in our age where overwhelm and distraction are the norm. Through the repetition of transcendental sounds, we are effortlessly able to calm the material anxieties of the mind, remove barriers around the heart, and create a stable frequency in the body for ultimate self-healing. 


Yogic Self-Care's Kirtan Training was designed for teachers and kirtan enthusiasts alike to upgrade their offering, their personal joy, and their meditation practice. In the practice of kirtan, musical ability is not required — simply chanting from the heart yields great results! However, one’s ability to connect in kirtan can be greatly enhanced by studying the moods and techniques of music and voice. Trainees will discover the history and philosophy behind ancient devotional chanting and learn how to integrate it into their daily life. Together, we will dive into classical Bhakti mantras, develop skills in playing the harmonium, learn the basic rhythms of Kirtan, and experience the importance of breath and voice in confidently expressing yourself without restriction.


By the end of the course students will be able to:


  • Competently and confidently lead and participate in kirtans

  • Understand the importance of and history of kirtan

  • Explore the power of their unique and authentic voice

  • Learn how to hold rhythm and develop their sense of timing through basic beats 

  • Learn the basics of playing the harmonium 

  • Recite and chant various bhakti mantras and bhajans, their literal translations and spiritual significance

  • Sprinkle these practices into their classes to allow for a more holistic, well rounded and inspiring asana practice

Catiebelle is a Voice Liberation Mentor and seasoned yoga teacher who’s mission in life is to help womxn rediscover their brave and authentic voice so they can stand more confidently in their truth. Much of her time is spent connecting with the sacred by adventuring barefoot in Mother nature. Having studied yoga and kirtan in their place of origin, India, it is her intent to preserve these traditions by bringing them to her communities in the West with as little alteration as possible.

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This training takes place in 5 Modules/Weeks and be 20 Continuing Education Hours. Students will meet to study and practice for 4 weeks. On the 5th week, we will hold a free kirtan for the local community to attend!


+ A 1:ON:1 Voice Liberation Coaching Call with Catiebelle! Together we will explore what is blocking your from full expression, develop unshakable faith in the truth of who you are, and rediscover your brave & authentic voice.

+ Detailed Training Manual and Mantra Book


Typical Class Structure for Week 1 – 4:

Opening the Space with Mantra

Waking up the Body with Dynamic Asana

Pranayama and Voice Practice

10 min Break

History, Philosophy, & Anatomy

Developing Technical Skills

10 min Break 

Interactive Group Activity


Take-Home Assignment

The Energy Exchange:

∆     In-Person Price: $333

∆     Online Price: $288


Dates for our next training will be announced this fall!


Please Note:

  • This class is accessible to every experience level & body type - for the yoga teacher, the seasoned practitioner, and new comer alike. Beginners are welcome!

  • Masks and safe social distancing will be required throughout the entirety of this in-studio training. The class size will be small and space will be limited to eight students, plus the instructor. 

  • It is recommended that students wishing to deeply learn the harmonium purchase their own instrument prior to the training.


Please email if you are interested in joining or have more questions! Our next training will be in early 2022.

Are you ready to liberate your voice through the heart melting practices of Bhakti Yoga?

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