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Our team is currently cooking up our 3rd online community retreat – a 3-day magical lineup of classes, with new and familiar faces and even more interactive learning and community connection. 

Our retreats are for the Womxn who give and care and hold space for others. The Womxn who are guiding lights in their own communities – the leaders, the healers, the care-takers, the organizers, the teachers, the Mothers, the activists, the CEOs, the servers, the solopreneurs, the envelope-pushers and game-changers. The Womxn who spend all their time and energy nurturing their family, their community, their home, their causes, their bussiness, and whose lights may feel dimmed or extinguished. Together, we fill our own cups and cultivate an inner sanctuary, to better serve the world.

Our last two retreats raised an amazing $1,300 that we donated to local and national non-profits; Om Thrive, Brown Girl Rise, The Humane League, The National Center For Transgender Equality, The National Resources Defense Council, and The Loveland Foundation. Our next retreat will be raising money to help preserve our oceans with Ocean Conservancy.


Guest Speakers


Catiebelle Bulmer

Founder of Yogic Self-Care®

Catiebelle Bulmer
gatHER Financial Merit Scholarship
gatHER Teacher Application
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Yogic Self-Care® believes that being an ethical, female-owned small business in 2021 means centering community-benefit over maximum profit for few, and offering sliding scale pricing for marginalized communities. Our programs such as gatHER are about making these teaching accessible to all and platforming equitable representations and greater diversity in terms of gender identity, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, geographic location, body shapes/sizes, teaching styles, types of work, activism, age, and ability. We weren't able to showcase the range we would have liked this year, but we hope that through your support and teacher recommendations, we will be able to include even greater diversity in future lineups!

Are you ready to jump start your spiritual wellness with a tight-knit community of self-sovereign women?


3 magical days of growth & exploration in topics including:

∆ Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine
∆ Inclusivity & Activism in Yoga

∆ Ayurvedic Lifestyle

∆ Trauma-Informed Yoga
∆ Money Mindset & Feminine Abundance
∆ Prema Breathwork
∆ Womb Liberation
∆ Creative Expression of Deep Healing

∆ Kundalini Yoga
∆ Radical Self-Acceptance
∆ Sensuality & Reclaiming Pleasure

∆ Functional Movement
∆ The Art of Surrender

∆ Ego & The Shadow Self

∆ Conscious Communication & Boundaries
∆ Vedic Wisdom For Living With Nature's Cycles
∆ Yoga Nidra
∆ Sacred Manta & Kirtan
∆ Meditation & Journaling
+ more


Are you ready to be immersed alongside Womxn from all over the world who are always questioning, evolving and adapting to show up as their fullest selves? Womxn who are not afraid to dive head-first into the deepest depth of the shadowy unconscious to uncover their truest self? If so, we invite you to join us. Now more than ever is the time to invite clear reflection, to cultivate the power to fill our own cups and to anchor fast to source. Now, more than ever, it is time to gatHER. 

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