This summer’s gatHER retreat was everything we imagined and more. 22 female thought-leaders, 110 open-hearted students, $940 raised for our 2 non-profits, 12 epic door-prizes, dancing, singing, community, tears, laughter, transformational learning, deep reflection, deeper rest, & a coming home to our wholeness.


To welcome in 2021, this January we are going even bigger & sweeter than before.


Yogic Self-Care®’s gatHER team seeks to nurture stability and healing amidst the collective traumas of pandemic, violence, and widespread systemic injustice, by exploring our current relationship with “sovereignty”. In a system that benefits from our exhaustion and division, we believe that rest and connection are the most radical things we can do. Yogic Self-Care®’s mission is to create a tightly-knit community of self-sovereign womxn, by empowering female voices, deconstructing broken paradigms of being, & holistically re-weaving spiritual wellness into the fabric of our lives. To make self-care more than skin-deep, accessible for all, and sustainable for life. 

Are you ready to walk alongside other bold Womxn who are rocking the boat and setting the world ablaze with loving-awareness? Those doing the shadow work, embodying their teachings, and using their voices to have the uncomfortable and necessary conversations that will shift the norm? If so, we invite you to join us. 


Now more than ever is the time to invite deeper reflection, deeper connection, and put the power back in our own hands. Now, more than ever, it is time to gatHER.

Yogic Self-Care® believes that being an ethical, female-owned small business in 2021 means centering community-benefit over maximum profit for few, and offering sliding scale pricing for marginalized communities. Our programs such as gatHER are about making these teaching accessible to all and platforming equitable representations and greater diversity in terms of gender identity, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, geographic location, body shapes/sizes, teaching styles, types of work, activism, age, and ability. We weren't able to showcase the range we would have liked this year, but we hope that through your support and teacher recommendations, we will be able to include even greater diversity in this July 2021’s lineup!

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Ready to join a community of empowered Womxn