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Waitlist for Fall 2022 Now Open


If I were to ask you, "Do you feel safe, accepted, and free in your life? Is your everyday lit up with joy? Are you playing full-out and true-you?" – how would you respond? Perhaps there would be a moment of hesitation, as you considered your job, your finances, your family, your self-care, and weighed the pros and cons of the hand you've been dealt. 


What if I were to ask you instead, "What is waiting for you? What part of you is longing to be heard? What greatness lies within, ready to break free and be shared with the world?" Perhaps you would take a moment to reflect on a passion you set aside, a gut-instinct you ignored, only to be interrupted by the sharp voice in your head saying "Who are you to want more? Be grateful and work hard, and people will like you."


What if I were to remind you that there is a unique truth within you, ready to be expressed. That this moment is not your down-and-out, your too-late, your never-enough, your time-to-settle. This hibernation and dark night of the Soul is not the end – it's just the beginning. That this is the calm before your storm, and years from now you'll look back on this moment as the time before the world really knew you. You’ll look back on this season as your voice liberation.

This year I’m going deep with 11 womxn in The Voice Liberation Mentorship – a six month somatic healing journey
back to everything that makes you,


14 Group Masterminds
6 Personal
Coaching Sessions


Registration for our 2022 session is now live!

Amazing. We look forward to singing with you!


The Voice Liberation Mentorship is designed for women coming home to the truth of who they are – singers, people who have no interest in singing, anyone who has been told they have a "bad voice" and is scared of singing, those who would like to be able to say "no" more confidently, anyone who has trauma related to expressing their truth, anyone who has lost touch with their creativity or feels stuck, anyone looking to process and liberate themselves from traumas of the past, anyone cultivating a deeper connection with their devotion, anyone ready to heal their relationship with money, anyone with health issues relating to the voice, anyone who feels unheard or has difficulty speaking up, anyone who wants to be more in touch with their emotions, anyone interested in learning about the chakras and the power of their subtle energy within, and anyone who is seeking structure and connection with a supportive community of other truth seekers in yet another particularly isolating moment of the pandemic. 

Together we'll re-integrate all the scattered parts of ourselves through a variety of modalities including vocal exercises, creative writing, prema breathwork, hatha yoga, kirtan mantra chanting, guided meditation, community conversation, & more.

Each month you will receive 1:1 Mentorship tailored to fit your needs – whether you are

• a mantra lover desiring to learn how to play the harmonium and lead kirtan

• an artist seeking to unlock your creativity

• a mother looking to remember who you are as an individual

• a corporate badass ready to own your power in the board room 

• a 200hr yoga teacher hoping to refine your cueing

• a shower singer ready to write your first song

• a chronically busy person desiring to incorporate more yogic self-care routines into your day

• a woman finally ready to leave the job, ditch the relationship, or make a bold transition in your life

• or simply a human endeavoring to remember your spirit

– your voice is your medicine.


To support your personalized coaching, throughout each month we will meet for embodiment labs and bonus calls where you will form a deep connection with a community of 11 other women all on the same path. One of the joys of this experience is connecting to and being supported by a safe community that is co-processing this with you. In past courses, we have seen new friendships and communities formed that continued beyond the duration of the program.


What would complete
feel like?

Would you believe me if I told you that

your voice is your medicine?


The voice is an immense center of both personal power and creativity. Throughout history, there are countless examples of great orators using their voice to inspire and mobilize movements. The voice is a pathway to instantly accessing the truth of our hearts and a connection to spirit -- consider the experience of having a song move you to tears unexpectedly. There is something mystical about the voice: It is felt and heard but not seen. In our visual culture, by nature of this very fact, the voice is radical, speaking to something deeper within us and potentially bring us into a non-distracted, inner presence. This program is a path to experiencing the full power of your voice, and living in full integrity with the truth of who you are.


"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories."
– Anne Lamott


This program may be the next step in your journey if you find yourself nodding along to any of these questions:

  • Do you sometimes limit your speech for fear of "saying the wrong thing"?

  • Do you desire to be more in touch with your creativity and artistry?

  • Do you have difficulty speaking up for yourself?

  • Are you looking to get more in touch with your singing voice (and have fun while doing so)?

  • Do you have difficulty sharing your creative work or speaking in public and sometimes experience performance anxiety?

  • Have you ever felt alienated or punished for sharing your truth?

  • Are you looking to strengthen your ability to hear your intuition?

  • Do you find it challenging to identify and ask for your needs?

  • Do you ever feel that when you are in groups, you often feel unheard or talked over?

  • Do you desire to be more authentic in your relationships to others and in your relationship to yourself?

  • Do you feel cultural conditioning has kept you from fully taking up space in the world?

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Program Includes:


  • 1:1 Sessions: All sessions start with a 30 minute lesson on your chosen focus (ex. harmonium lessons, sequence cuing, self-love), followed by a 30 minute life coaching dialogue, and 30 minutes of embodied movement + trauma-informed prema breath work. Each session comes with a call recording, email recap, and take-home exercises.

  • Embodiment Labs: Each Embodiment Lab will focus on liberating a different elemental chakra energy, starting with the root chakra and moving up to the throat. The chakra system is used as a map to discover where in your personal or cultural history the voice began to be suppressed. In identifying these key moments, we are able to reframe the narrative of the voice beyond limiting beliefs, and you will begin to discover your voice and its wild power on new terms.


  • Monthly Bonus Gatherings (including art therapy, kirtan, mindful eating, yoga nidra, kirtan, and open mic)

  • Weekly Morning Sadhana (with movement, breathwork, and mantra kriya)

  • Private WhatsApp Group

  • Accountability Partner

  • Surprise Guest Speakers

  • Access to the Yogic Self-Care Video Library

  • Opening & Closing Activation Ceremony

  • Discounts on other Yogic Self-Care programs and retreats

Different 1:1 focuses:

  1. Harmonium Lessons and Kirtan Leader Coaching 

    focusing on instrument foundations, mantras, voice technique, and facilitation skills

  2. Embodying the Yoga Teacher 

    focusing on cultivating purposeful speech and refined cueing and sequencing as an asana guide (for 200hr YTT graduates)

  3. Speaking Your Truth
    focusing on cultivating self-acceptance, confidence, integrity, and authentic communication in relationships, career, inner-talk, and beyond

  4. Blended Track
    a unique combination of the above



February 6th, 2022 – August 7th, 2022


Option 1 - $168.00 USD Per Month

Option 2 - A One Time Payment of $947.00 USD

Partial scholarships are available for financial need candidates and BIPOC students.

Our voice is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given as humans and yet how intentional are we with the words we speak throughout our days? Our words are the seeds that grow from intention and our awareness is the water that supports that growth. It takes practice in cultivating awareness of how our words have affected our lives and the lives of others.


​The Voice Liberation Mentorship is an invitation to sound, play, explore, and awaken all the different aspects of our expression so that we can reconnect to our inner emotional landscape of feelings that may have been silenced and buried for too long. When we discover that singing or sounding can provide a safe container to release the repressed aspects of our voice, the power, healing and vitality which is expressed can be truly profound and transformational. 

Together, we will experience the transformative power of mantra, trauma-informed pranayama, embodied movement, guided meditation, kirtan, somatic life-coaching,  journaling, satsanga, and yoga philosophy.

When you sign up for The Voice Liberation Mentorship, you are signing up for a healing process, an awakening of dynamic creative energy, a loving community, and an accountability to living your full truth. 


My name is Catiebelle Bulmer – visual artist, yoga teacher, globe-trotting kirtan enthusiast, founder of Yogic Self-Care, and your partner in transformation over the next half a year.


Let it be known, this program is not for surface-level touch ups. We start from the roots up, and we go deep. It is my passion in life to help women like yourself come home to their power and be able to step into any situation supported by a feeling of self-belonging, speaking their truth, and living in integrity. This work is my whole heart.


Please feel free to reach out with questions, and together we can explore whether this program is right for you.

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Registration for our 2022 session is now live!

Amazing. We look forward to singing with you!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.”


– Marianne Williamson

Image by Catalin Pop
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