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Yoga Teacher Mentorship


Are you a 200hr YTT graduate seeking guidance post graduation? This Mentorship Program offers weekly small group masterminds with Catiebelle on the art and craft of teaching practicum. Find your voice, refine your cueing and sequencing, experiment and explore new styles, receive personal and detailed feedback on your teaching, and be a part of a supportive community of yoga teachers from across the country. This is for new yoga teachers looking to deepen their relationship with their teaching, as well as the seasoned teacher looking to receive personalized feedback on how to grow their craft. This training is not about learning the rules. It’s about reviewing the rules, and then developing the confidence to intelligently and intuitively break them. This is about finding YOUR authentic voice as a teacher!

This training is 20 Continuing Education Hours spread over 9 weeks. Zoom classes are held on Tuesday’s from 6:00–8:00pm eastern (3:00–5:00pm pacific). 

Semester Schedule:

Week 1 - Opening Introductions 

Week 2 - 3 students teach & receive feedback 

Week 3 - 3 students teach & receive feedback 

Week 4 - Lecture & Activity 

break week - interim assignment 

Week 5 - 3 students teach & receive feedback 

Week 6 - 3 students teach & receive feedback 

Week 7 - Lecture & Activity 

Week 8 - Closing Q&A

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To give each student time for personalized feedback, seats must be limited to 6 students per semester. All applying students must have a minimum 200hr YTT certificate.

The Energy Exchange:

Full Price - $333

Dates of our next training will be announced this fall!

To Apply for our 2022 Training:


Are you ready to refine your teaching voice, bring depth to your theming, & reignite your sequencing?

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