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If you are ready to prioritize your Self-Belonging through daily ritual, in a community of badass womxn doing the same...

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In a world that benefits from us thinking we need to buy, eat, or love our way into wholeness, knowing our Selves is a radical act. When we remember the truth, that everything we need is within us, we tap into the highest currency of all – Self-Belonging.

If you desire to:

▷  Feel more at home in your body, your breath, your mind, and your life

▷  Learn simple rituals you can sprinkle in to your day to help you feel more present and connected

▷  Have a better understanding of the Self through Yoga philosophy

▷  Ditch the people-pleasing and workaholism in exchange for more flow and alignment

▷  Cultivate joy and clarity in your relationships

▷  Heal Self-abandonment wounds through deep compassion and forgiveness

▷  Commune with other badass womxn prioritizing their spiritual sovereignty 

▷  And make choices from a place of inner truth and integrity

In our  FREE 3-hour experiential workshop with Yogic Self-Care's founder, Catiebelle Bulmer, we explore “Self-Belonging” through the ancient wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, and vedic philosophy, applied to our modern lives. Join us to learn foundational principles and practices that root us deep into our True Selves, allowing us to act with unshakable Self-Sovereignty in the world.


With this course, you will also receive: 

 + A Printable 28 Page Course Workbook for guidance and Self-exploration

 + Access To A Private Facebook Group to connect with other badass womxn

 + A Spotify Playlist to listen to whenever you wish to reconnect with the Self
 + A Bonus Guided Yoga Nidra Audio Download on remembering one's true identity

 + Live Giveaway of 2 free ticket to our fall training, The Season of You

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