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film, product innovation

When prompted to come up with a new wearable technology, we wanted to create something that would help people and easily be integrated into their daily lives.


Sober Lyft is a wristband created by Lyft and distributed through popular bars, clubs, and music venues. Not only does this band sync up to your Lyft account, but it also uses TruTouch technology to gauge your alcohol level. TruTouch is a novel, optical based, non-invasive sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol intoxication while simultaneously verifying user identity using light through the skin. When the band’s mustache turns pink it means you’ve passed the legal limit to drive. So when you want to go home you simply tear the bracelet on the line, prompting a circuit to notify the nearest Lyft driver of your location. They pick you up and you get home safe




Art Director: Catiebelle Bulmer, Khoi Tran

Copywriter: Bradford Reed Hoffman

Account Planner: Thomas Karabatsos


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