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  • Catiebelle Bulmer


Your ability to feel sexy is directly related to your ability to be embodied.

Your ability to be embodied is directly related to your ability to hear your intuition.

Your ability to hear your intuition is directly related to your ability to receive.

Your ability to receive becomes blocked when you need to control.

Your need to control arises from a fear of the unknown.

Your fear of the unknown arises from a lack of inner trust.

Although there are a myriad of things outside of ourselves that we can point to as untrustworthy - it’s that person, or that situation - it all boils down to this.

You don’t trust you.

The unknown is a terrifying place when you have no idea how you’ll show up in it.

Will you be there for yourself? Will you stand strong and speak up and stay true?

When you start trusting who you’ll be in any given situation, knowing how you’ll show up for yourself, the scary unknown is alchemized into an epic adventure.

So let’s begin.

To trust yourself, you must forgive yourself.

You must forgive every past version of you

that caused and accepted pain.

To forgive yourself you must allow yourself to be seen.

Find a mirror and look. Look deep into your own eyes. Hold your own gaze through the discomfort.

Speak to Her.

“I am so sorry.

I forgive you.

I trust you.

We, are worthy of love.”

This is your medicine.

Trusting the universe starts with trusting yourself.

Surrendering to grace starts with believing you are worthy of being held.

Your power is fueled by your ability to receive.

Your sensuality is facilitated by your deep inner trust.

Your creative force is unleashed by your ability to surrender.

You always have been and always will be a cocreator with the Universe.

It’s about time you tune in, put on your dancing shoes, and start trusting your own magic.

Love, all ways. – Catiebelle Bulmer

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