Can you hold both simultaneously

Your humanness and your divinity

Your fear and your courage

Your sorrow and your joy

Can you invite them both

to have an equal seat at your table

Can you give yourself permission to have a dream

while knowing that it is going to cost you something



Parts of yourself will begin to feel a size too small

And a day will come when you’ll have to make a choice

to love your dreams

or love your drama

Can you expect nothing

and appreciate everything

dance in the uncertainty and not knowing

slow long enough to hear the birds

Can you take nothing personally

Can you take everything personally

Can you define your success

by your ability to see divinity in others

even those

who cause you pain

be an open hand

in a world of closed fists

Can you stop looking to others for the leader

choose to stand

and be the light you seek

You have spent your entire life

preparing for a time such as this

don’t wait till you’re ready

you have everything you need

Never forget this essential truth:

that at any moment

you have the power to shift the trajectory of your life

simply by allowing yourself to begin again

It is your duty to bloom

Not to become some different type of plant

But to bloom